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Join almost 65 000 people who handle their public travel ticket online.


 without delay and going to the office

 system will be later expanded to IDS JMK

 more services from a single city account

One account for city services

Do it online

Buy your public transport ticket for tariff zones 100 + 101 (Brno city) from home. You need any contactless bank card as a carrier.

Everything is absolutely safe. The card is only a customer identifier, nothing is uploaded to it. All ticket data is stored in databases. There is no bank card number saved in the system.

  • non-transferable tickets for tariff zones 100 + 101 for standard customer, for children, students and seniors
  • yearly transferable tickets
  • transferable tickects for 24 hours or 2 - 30 days


The most frequent asked questions about electronic Public transport tickets

  • It is for all types of customers using non-transferable tickets (it includes free tickets like for children under 10 years also). In this system, it is also possible to purchase transferable annual tickets, ticket for 24 hours and only electronic tickets for 2-30 calendar days.
  • There is no need for a new card. Passengers can use a contactless bank card that they already have. There is no need to deal with queues at counters when purchasing coupons. If the card is lost or stolen, a new card can be registered and used as a new season ticket carrier.
  • In the e-shop, these tickets can be purchased for the zones 100 + 101: basic, children up to 10 and 15 years, students and seniors up to and over 70 years, transferable annual tickets, 24 hours tickets and transferable tickets valid for 2-30 calendar days.
  • The first step is to create an account in the e-shop (valid e-mail address and password). The next step is to fill in the basic personal information in the system that is needed for issuing a tariff card, to upload a photo (a colour photo portrait with your current appearance) and to specify the tariff card carrier you will be using (registration using the credit card number and its expiry date). Selecting and purchasing a ticket through an online credit card or electronic banking. After these steps are completed, passengers can fully operate their ticket from their e-shop account.
  • In the case of discount categories, the ticket can be purchased only after the discount entitlement has been verified at a counter or contact point of DPMB (some depends on age, some like students on external entitlements). Verification is done for disabled retirees once a year, when an employee on a desks enters a customer for a discount in an e-shop. For retirees under the age of 70, verification will only be sufficient once in the beginning. For students, verification at the counter is done at least once per semester. For Masaryk university + Brno university of technology + Mendel university students who have verified personal data (Brno iD full account) and the age between 18-26 years, validation can be done fully online. Use the "verify student status" button in the "My Account" section. On the page Enter your school ID and you receive the result in seconds. The status is set to one month, but after the first successful online student status verification, the system will automatically try to extend this status for another month. If this does not work, you will receive an email notification 7 days before the end of your status. Such reminders are sent for each discount category.
  • The system is secured with technology at the level of banking standards. Only the certified payment gateway has access to exploitable data (card number, validity and security code). The card number is encrypted into an encoded number called a TOKEN, which can not be used for payment. The transport company works only with TOKENs and personal data for non-transferable tariff cards, and it records the data needed for a discount entitlement if need be.
  • The system can handle these cases, and DPMB provides the option to purchase anonymous contactless payment cards. All the passenger needs is an e-mail account to which his/her identification is bound. However, it is still necessary to pay online through a credit card or electronic banking (bank button) to perform the actual payment for the electronic coupon in the e-shop.
  • If your bank card expired and you got a new one from your bank, just register this new card as your new carrier in the section My carriers. After doing so, you have to move to section My tickets and there move your active tickets to your new carrier. Dont forget to transfer your ticket to the new carrier you want to use. Please - do all of this also in case that your new bank card has exactly the same number as the old one - they differ in the validity date.
  • It is actually a transfer from one account to another, but you pay through an instant payment gateway by clicking on the bank button, where you have your account. First you click on the button of your bank, and it redirects you to online banking. You then find the pre-filled data after logging in, and you simply confirm the payment. The bank guarantees the security of this payment method, and nobody else will have access to your data.
  • A contact centre is established at the headquarters of the Brno City Transport Company on Novobranská Street, where our staff will help passengers in setting up and operating their online account.
  • The transport company will not force anyone to use the new purchase method, and using the e-shop will be voluntary. Passengers can continue to use paper tickets. The sale of standard paper season tickets will continue without limitations on the assortment or the number of sales points.
  • This is a very common question, especially from customers who want to use the contribution in the amount of CZK 1,425 for the purchase of a basic annual non-transferable season ticket, which was approved by the Brno City Council under the new grant program. Before the expiry of your paper ticket, you can purchase an electronic ticket via the e-shop up to 30 days in advance at, and you can then apply for a contribution according to the instructions.
  • Yes, consider the bank sticker as the ideal carrier of your electronic ticket. However, you must know the full 16-digit card number during registration (you will receive this number when the bank issues this sticker - only the last four digits are on the sticker itself.
  • Yes it is possible. The system allows both account sharing and creation and management of dependent accounts. A typical example is that the parent creates dependent accounts for their children (in the appropriate section of the "My Account" section) and will be able to fully control these accounts. This means they will be able to buy tickets and get an overview of them. It is possible later to terminate the account"s dependence via the Customer Center and set their own login credentials
1_ Fill your data.
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2_ Pick up any of your bank card.
Do not worry.
3_ Just identify your identity.
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4_ And access city services online
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