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Handle Family vouchers online.

Get and use online credits for children's leisure activities.

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Get quick answers to the most common questions

Frequently asked questions about family vouchers

  • The application is submitted from the child's account, which must have verified personal data and must:
    • be at least 6 years old (on the date of application) and under the age of 18
    • have a permanent residence in the city of Brno and be a citizen of the Czech Republic
    • and the applicant must prove that the income of the household does not exceed CZK 750,000 net in the calendar year 2022 (if the application is submitted by 30/06/2024) or in 2023 (if the application is submitted from 1/7/2024)

  • The sum of these incomes, if they were booked or paid out in a given year, is considered to be qualifying income:

    a) income from dependent activity according to the Income Tax Act,
    b) income from self-employment according to the Act on Income Taxes, after deducting the expenses incurred to achieve, secure and maintain them and other expenses deducted from such income according to the Act on Income Taxes,
    c) rental income according to the Income Tax Act,
    d) fulfillment of maintenance obligations,
    e) sickness insurance and pension insurance benefits,
    f) unemployment support and retraining support,
    g) parental allowance and recurring maintenance allowance.

    If, according to his declaration, a person performs self-employment in the flat-rate regime as his main activity in a given year, the amount of at least 50% of the average monthly wage in the national economy is always counted as income from this activity in the qualifying income; the amount of the average monthly wage is determined according to § 5, paragraph 7 of the Act on State Social Support.

    If the child is entrusted with alternating custody or joint custody, the income of the assessed person who lives with the child in the same household and who submitted an application for a parental voucher on his behalf, and other assessed persons who they live with the assessed person and the child.

    The assessed person is

    a) parent,
    b) a person to whom the child was entrusted with care replacing parental care based on the decision of the competent authority to entrust the child with care replacing parental care; what is meant by the decision of the competent authority to place a child in care replacing the care of the parents is determined by the Act on State Social Support,
    c) spouse or partner of a parent or a person according to letter b),
    d) a widower or widower of a parent or a person according to letter b),
    e) spouse or partner of a parent or person under letter b), if they live with the child and a parent or person under letter b) for at least 3 months immediately preceding the date of application submission
  • It is possible to apply for a credit gift through the Parent Vouchers module. The system of Parental Vouchers is a new special module within Brno iD. To use the functions of this module, it is necessary to have a verified user account of the child on Brno iD. The service is open to users of a full Brno iD account (it is always a child's account), or an authorized person who does not have a child's account verified or established can create a new account and have it verified at any time by online application or in person at a DPMB or KORDIS point of sale.

  • To submit an application, you must fill in the child's birth number, contact email and correctly fill in the details of the legal representative = first and last name, birth number, date of birth and address of permanent residence in the application form. The application is submitted (saved) successfully only if the data of the child and the legal representative are valid and correct. Data about the child and the legal representative are verified online in the register of residents.

  • The child must be a citizen of the Czech Republic, but the parent or legal guardian does not have to be. If you are not a citizen of the Czech Republic, first contact the Family Vouchers officer on the phone numbers listed below or by e-mail. Your application for the allocation of credits to Brno iD will be dealt with individually. Contact information: phone: +420 542 172 482, +420 542 172 520, e-mail:

  • After the application for a credit donation has been approved by an official on the part of the municipality of Brno, 4,000 credits will be allocated to the child's account and at the same time a valid (let's understand it as signed) donation contract will be sent to the contact email that the applicant entered into the system (let's understand it as the legal representative's email ).

  • You can apply for credits from the start of the module until 30/11/2024. Credits can be used from 1.1.2024 to 30.12.2024, unused credits expire on 31.12.2024.

  • The parent logs into the child's account, clicks on the "Offer credit to an organization" page in the Parent Vouchers module, and selects the organization their child attends. He then fills in the name of the activity, the price of the activity and the variable symbol (the one with which you have to pay the co-payment). The form calculates the maximum number of credits that can be used, if you have that many credits, from the general percentages set by the organizations (it may rarely happen that the organization directly writes to you that a different co-payment applies for a specific activity, but the organization should tell you this information directly). After filling out the form, you send a credit offer to the organization. It usually waits for the parent to pay the specified co-payment in the classic way and then accepts your credits.
    Example: The activity costs CZK 1,000, credits can be used for 80% of the amount, the parent's participation is set by the organization at 20%. The parent fills in the price of CZK 1,000 in Brno ID and it turns out that 800 credits can be used. In addition, according to the terms of the organization, the parent must pay a co-payment of CZK 200 in a timely manner in the classic way.

    A minimum of 500 or more credits must be offered and applied at once (unless you have less, then all the rest of the credits), i.e. credits can normally be applied to activities (with 80% participation) at a price of at least CZK 625.

    Some organizations (for example SVČ Lužánky) can directly send you a QR code that leads as a link to the above-mentioned Brno iD section, and after logging into the child's account on Brno iD and entering the above-mentioned sub-page, most of the data in the form will be pre-filled and made easier it for you.

  • All organizations providing leisure activities (clubs, camps...) to children aged 6 to 18 can participate in the project. If you are interested in registration, please send the following information about your organization: name and registered office of the organization, ICO number, datovka ID and bank account number. This information will be used to create an account for the organization in the Brno ID system. Please send the data to the datovka box of the city of Brno (= a7kbrrn) and put "Family vouchers" in the subject line. You will be prompted to activate the registration by a datovka message, with a direct link to Brno ID, where you will perform all the above steps.

    Organizations participating in the project will have an account created in the Brno iD system for administration and acceptance of credits for organized activities. The organization will set a parameter of co-financing of the leisure activity by the parent, in the range of 20% to 80% of the price, while the remaining part can be paid through credits.