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About Brno iD

Brno iD is an e-shop of city services. It works 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The offer integrates selected services of the municipality of Brno, municipal companies and subsidized organizations of the city of Brno.

The e-shop was launched at the end of 2016. The Brno iD e-shop is financed by the statutory city of Brno. The operation and development of the Brno iD e-shop is ensured by the municipal company Technical Networks Brno a.s. based on the instructions of the statutory city of Brno.

Our vision: Do it ONLINE, from the comfort of your home

In addition to specific services that are not subject to payment, Brno iD users can use services in a manner similar to commercial e-shops, including payment for services online via a payment gateway.

Basic or verified Brno iD account

In order to use certain services, it is sufficient for the user to be the holder of a "Brno iD basic" account (only an email and password are entered). For example, you have full access to the offer of the Tourist card module, full access to all products of the ZOO Brno, Observatory and other modules.

In order to use some services, the user needs to be the holder of a so-called verified "Brno iD full" account. Applicants can verify themselves (personal data including photo) either in person at verification contact points or request verification from home - online. The Brno iD full holder can, for example, use all non-transferable tickets (šalinkarts), including those subject to discount entitlements, for an unlimited time in the public transport module. He has the option to use online verification of student status. He has the option to settle the fee for forgetting his public transport ticket online (if not having carrier of his valid public transport non-transferable ticket during the inspection by the DPMB inspector) from home. In the Library module, he has full access to the option to open or connect a library account in the Jiří Mahen Library online, he can recharge his credit, extend his reader's registration or pay fines. In the Resident Parking module, the user has full access to the option to create or connect a parking account and access it. And more and more services.

The intention and a great advantage for users of the e-shop is that all offered services are tied to the Brno iD account described above. For services that are tied to a carrier (such as prepaid public transport tickets), everything can be easily transferred to another if the identification carrier is lost.

Who you can contact

You can find the most important contacts by clicking here.

What are currently all functions of Brno iD SW system

The Brno iD SW system for providing city services is much more wider than just the products and services visible on the Brno iD e-shop you are currently on. In addition to the e-shop itself, the Brno iD system also handles the sale of tickets and servicing of customer accounts at several branches of the Brno Public Transport Company and customer centers throughout the South Moravian region of the company KORDIS-JMK (including the sale of tickets for special events). It also handels inspection of tickets for both of these organizations, the KORDIS JMK system for handling and managing fines, and also deals with DPMB's complete service of ticket sales and ticket control for boat transport on the Brno Dam. In addition, the Brno iD system handles the complete handling of the sale of services at the Brno Zoo branches, as well as the sale of the services of the Brno Observatory and Planetarium and the sale of services by the Brno City Museum. And for all these organizations, it serves both the ticket control and handles the response to ticket reading at the turnstiles. For the Tourist Information Center, it deals with the sale of Brnopas at branches and their control at entry points where the Brnopas can be used. For the Brno City Cemetery Administration it handles the complete sale of garden services and tickets for events. In addition, the Brno iD system deals with the regular renewal of student discount entitlements towards several universities and institutions for more than 50,000 customers every week.

The number of users already exceeded 500 thousand in 2023 and is still growing. In 2023, the Brno iD system handled more than 1 million transactions (both online and live at the branches of the aforementioned organizations) for a total of more than 1.1 billion CZK.

The Brno iD system provides a wide range of services and is still being expanded to include new ones.