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Frequently asked questions about module Sport

  • In the Brno ID e-shop you can buy chip wristband for adults only. For children or seniors, you can buy chip wristband at any branch of STAREZ - SPORT, a.s. The sale of these types of chip wristband is limited due to the need to prove a claim for a discount, ie the age of the child (up to and including 14 years) or age 65+.
  • Chip wristband validity is set to 2 years from the last use at STAREZ - SPORT, a.s.
  • Usually credit recharge will be processed immediately after the successful payment. If it is not credited within 24 hours, please contact Customer Support.
  • Chip wristband can be used in seven sports venues. These are: Aquapark Kohoutovice, Lužánky Municipal Swimming Stadium, Rašínova Spa, Swimming Pool Ponávka, Lužánky Skating, Swimming Pool Riviera and Zábrdovice Swimming Pool.
  • Pool, sauna, wellness, gym, solarium and ice rink entrances. In addition, you can pay for snacks or purchased goods at Aquapark Kohoutovice, Lužánky Municipal Swimming Stadium, Skating for Lužánky and at the Cascade pool at the Riviera.
  • Yes, the adult chip wristband is portable. That means you can borrow them to anyone and the person can use them instead of you. At the cash register you can pay with the chip wristband even for the entry of more people at a time. Any other person then receives his own chip wristband at the cashier to locate the clothing box, which returns back to the box office when he leaves (only on some sports venues).