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Support a tree!

Here you can buy special wishes for family members, friends, anyone else or directly for a tree cared for by the Brno Public Greenery company. By purchasing a wish, you can make someone happy and at the same time support the care of the Brno Public Greenery company. You can choose from more than 130 young trees from the last plantings and for selected memorial trees, which are specified by the name of the park area and the exact location can be found on MAP.
The minimum amount is CZK 100, when you become a „contributor“ to the care of the tree. From the amount of CZK 500, you will earn the tittle of the „adoptive parent“ of the selected tree, and if you agree, you will be listed as an adoptive parent for one year on MAP. For one tree there can be more adoptive parents. After selecting a tree, filling in the text and after the payment, you will receive a PDF wish in your e-mail. You can then forward it to who it is for. Another option is to send wishes directly to the tree. You can find out what such a wish will look like HERE.

If you do not have a tree selected, first select a tree on the MAP.