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You can resolve and pay for Jiří Mahen Library services online, or create or connect a library account.

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Frequently asked questions about Jiří Mahen Library module

  • Anyone who has a library reader account in Jiří Mahen Library and wants to connect it with own Brno id FULL account. If you want to connect and manage also your children's accounts, use their dependent accounts to connect their library accounts.
  • Once you have interlinked your accounts, you will be able to track your library credit online, prolong your reader registration, or pay online your debts.
  • In the "Connect Library Account" section, you will need to enter your library card number as your login and your library password (usually the first six characters of your birth number). If both are correct and your main personal information matches, your account will be linked. And right after that, you'll see a new library account management section.
  • From 16 September 2019, a new library reader account can be opened directly from the Brno iD FULL account at the Jiří Mahen Library. As a library card, you can choose any of your eshop carriers (bank cards) that will function as your identifier just in the same way, as you can use it for electronic public transport tickets.