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 discounts up to 100% on entrance fees

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Frequently asked questions about BRNOPAS

  • BRNOPAS is a tourist card (pass) that guides you around the city and recommends points of interest, landmarks or current events. It also offers a variety of amazing admission fee discounts.
  • BRNOPAS is for every tourist or visitor who does not want to miss any interesting cultural event, or anyone who simply wants to save money.
  • BRNOPAS can be used at many institutions or interesting events. Its holders can look forward to and enjoy free admission or interesting discounts.
  • The validity of your BRNOPAS is based on your needs and the length of your stay – 24 hours, 2 days or 3 days. For the former, you can choose the actual time at which your BRNOPAS becomes valid; the other two versions are valid for entire calendar days. Also included is the option to add public transportation pass functionality.
  • You can buy it online at this website from the comfort of your home, or upon arrival in Brno. If you buy your BRNOPAS online, your debit/credit card (= carrier) will become the BRNOPAS. Or you can visit any information centre in Brno and its staff will be happy to assist you.
  • The portfolio of venues and services is updated approximately every quarter. Information about the current offers can be found in brochures available in information centres and partner institutions in Brno. For more information, including upcoming events, you can also visit the website Go To Brno