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Monuments, culture, sport, public travel ticket. On one single card. Conveniently. Online.


 free entry to 5 TOP destinations

 free public transport

 interesting discounts

 entry tickets to Villa Tugendhat

Frequently asked questions about BRNOPAS

  • BRNOPAS is a tourist card (pass) full of advantages that will guide you through Brno and recommend points of interest, landmarks and current events. In addition, it will provide you with free admissions, free public transport and variety of admission fee discounts.
  • BRNOPAS is for every tourist or visitor who does not want to miss any interesting cultural event, or anyone who simply wants to save money.
  • BRNOPAS can be used at many institutions or interesting events. In addition you will get some free entries, especially to the 5 TOP destinations in Brno, interesting discounts and free public transport.
  • The validity of your BRNOPAS is based on your needs and the length of your stay – 24 hours, 2 days or 3 days. For the former, you can choose the actual time at which your BRNOPAS becomes valid; the other two versions are valid for entire calendar days. A part of every BRNOPAS is also a FREE public transport ticket in Brno valid for the same time as your BRNOPAS.
  • The portfolio of venues and services is updated approximately every quarter. Information about the current offers can be found in brochures available in information centres and partner institutions in Brno. For more information, including upcoming events, you can also visit the website Go To Brno
    1. In order to buy tourist card BRNOPAS online, you need to create a registration on eshop of BrnoID.cz (using just an e-mail adress and setting up your password).
    2. Then you need to select Tourist card BRNOPAS section and here you’ll click on Buy BRNOPAS.
    3. First you need to add a ticket carrier by using button "Add a new ticket carrier" and then select him with "Select a carrier".
    4. In the next step you’ll select the type of your BRNOPAS and confirm the choice with "Select" button (you can also change the quantity of products you are about to buy).
    5. As the last step you have to select a date when the validity of youor products begin. You can select any date including the day when you are buying it, up to 30 days in advance.
    6. After selecting your choice, confirm it with Add to cart button. If you want to move to payment, just use button "Proceed to checkout" or click on your shopping cart. Now you can select the method of payment. You can select either the option of paying using GoPay that enables you to pay using internet banking of some banks, or you can pay via bank card online. If you don’t want to use this method, you can select the second one, but only if your products begin validity in 5 or more working days. This method is called Pay via OFFLINE bank transfer. If you’ll select GoPay, your payment will only need to be confirmed – you don’t need to fill anything in it. As for the second method, you’ll obtain data needed to make the payment.

    You can also visit any Tourist information centre in Brno and its staff will be happy to assist you and sell you any products you want.