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Handle Residential parking in Brno online.

You can create or connect a personal Brno city parking account online and have access to it.

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Frequently asked questions about Brno iD connection to Residential parking system in Brno

  • For those who have Brno iD full and do not have a personal parking account in residential parking system in Brno. You can create your personal parking account online from Brno iD (if you can be found in official citizen or foreign register). You can log in to a successfully created parking account from Brno iD directly without having to enter a login or password.
  • Those who already have a personal parking account can link it (in the same way as if they create an account). Your login (email) and personal information and on both sides must match. You can log into a successfully connected personal parking account from Brno iD directly without having to enter a login or password.
  • The personal parking accou is an electronic account through which it is possible to process parking permits online. Through this account, for example, a resident can grant parking permissions to his visits. Every resident is entitled to free hours for visits, regardless of the age or ownership of the car. Detailed instructions about personal parking account can be found here.
  • Although you do not have a car, you can use the personal parking account to request free hours for visits, which you can give to craftsmen or family when they come to visit you. If your residential area is in zone A or zone B, you are entitled to 200 hours a year for free and you can buy 100 more hours for 100 CZK once a year. In zone C, it is 100 hours a year free of charge and an additional 50 hours can be purchased once a year for 100 CZK.