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Handle the waste tax online.

Take advantage of the opportunity to pay waste tax for municipal waste in the city of Brno and solve related reporting obligations online.

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Get quick answers to the most common questions

The most frequent asked questions about paying the local municipal waste tax in Brno through this e-shop

  • Any taxpayers, who are accustomed to making electronic payments and want to use this form of payments.
  • The form through which you pay allows you to enter any number of taxpayers and then pay with one payment for all of them. The form also contains more information about each taxpayer to increase the chance of successful processing of the payment (if the personal identification number does not automatically work as the primary identifier for processing). The form also helps to calculate the correct amount in cases where the fee is for a shorter period than the whole year.
  • The first step is to create user account for this e-shop (you need only to fill in an e-mail and set a password). No additional personal information is required to pay the local municipal waste tax in Brno. You can enter them directly into the form. However any existing user account data will be prefilled in the form.
  • In order to pay for the waste using eshop of you need to create a registration (using just an e-mail adress and setting up your password). Then you have to select Waste tax section. Here you just need to click on "Pay for waste" button and you’ll see a form that needs to be filled with your personal data (if you already have filled your data in "My account" section, they will automatically appear in this form, but you still need to fill your personal identification number or its equivalent). If you need to pay for some estate property, you can add or remove them using "Add one rate for a property" or "Subtract one rate" buttons. If you want to pay for other people as well, you can click on "Add a taxpayer" button on the bottom of the form and then you can fill all needed information. Once you’re done, click on "Direct to payment" button. Now you can select the method of payment. In order to do so, you need to click on GoPay button and then you can select whether you want to pay via internet banking or via bank card online.
  • More detailed information can be found on the website of the Statutory City of Brno

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