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Tips for using e-shop Brno iD

Here you will find a description of features and tips for different situations and cases regarding e-shop services and features. Just click on the point you are interested in, and you will see full description often accompanied by visualizations.

  • Verification of personal data is performed on all ticket sales points of DPMB, a.s. and you can also undergo verification on 13 premises of Jiří Mahen Library in Brno. You will speed up your verification by taking a carrier (a Visa or Mastercard contactless bank card) that you have registered with your profile in Brno iD. By reading your carrier, DPMB employee will immediately see your account for verification, and also check the functionality and accuracy of the carrier. However, you can carry out verification of your personal data without a carrier.

    In order to let verify your data, it is first and foremost necessary to prove the correctness of the personal data using the ID card. For children (up to 15 years) who do not have ID card yet, the data can be documented by the original birth certificate. In the case of foreigners, the data can be provided with an adequate official identity document.

    Discounts entitlements derived from age are automatically earned when your personal information is verified. To prove the following discount categories, you also need to:

    • Students aged 18 to 26 - student status must be documented in one of these ways
      • - at the University of Masaryk University, Mendel University, Brno University of Technology or College of Business and Hotel Management Brno, the e-shop user can after his/her personala data is verified solve the student status himself fully online in the "My Account" section by entering the school identification number (according to the procedure detailed in the next separate indent in this section)
      • - other university students can use valid ISIC student card number for online verification also by using button in the "My Account" (only with full account).
      • - only students that are not on higher education institution have the opportunity to document the school's confirmation of the study in paper form. This confirmation must include the applicant's name, surname and date of birth, information on the time and form of the study, the name of the school, the school stamp and the signature of the authorized person of the school with an expiration date not older than 30 days
    • Invalid pensioner - a third-level invalidity certificate is required
      • - in the form of an attestation issued by the relevant Czech Social Security Administration workplace on the granting of invalidity in 3rd grade, which may not be older than 2 months)
    • Pensioners under the age of 65 - the pension decision must be documented with
      • - decision to grant a pension
      • - or an attestation of receipt of a pension, which may not be older than 2 months (if the pension is paid abroad, the applicant shall also submit an officially certified translation of the receipt of a receipt in Czech)
  • You need a customer account in the eshop and in "My Account" section to fill in personal information (name + surname + birthday + permanent address) and uploaded photo. You will then have access to the purchase of non-transferable tickets.

    To buy a student ticket, you need to have a student status assigned to your account as the discount category. If you already have a verified full account and you are a Masaryk university / Brno university of technology / Mendel university student, you can easily arrange this category online as described below. For other school you can use online verification using number of your valid ISIC card. If you do not have a full account (or if you are from school that does not allow online validation and do not have ISIC cards) and you want your student ticket immediately, you have the option of assigning a discount category for 5 days (this assignment can only be done in each account once). When buying a ticket, use the "solve" button to select the "student" category as in the following pictures.

    assign category assign category 2

    After assigning selected discount category, you will be able to choose and buy the required student ticket. Subsequently, however, it is necessary to appear within 5 calendar days for verification of personal data. After this verification, you will get a full account. Verification is done by all DPMB sell affiliates and requires a carrier (Visa or Mastercard contact card registered in the profile) and ID card. If you are from Masaryk university / Brno university of technology / Mendel university you do not have to solve anything else. You only have to verify your personal details and then resolve your student status online as shown below. If you do not study at the above universities, you can use online verification by using your valid ISIC number at the same section.

    Online verification (for MU / BUT / Mendelu or CBHM) and online ISIC verificiation

    If you have a verified account and you are between 18 and 26 years of age, you will see in the "My Account" section the "Verify student status" button.

    verify student status

    After using the button you will be redirected to the page where you choose your school by clicking on its logo. Brno university of technology and Mendel university students will then fill in their student id (student number) and use the "Send request" button. For other schools use ISIC validation. For Masaryk University it is necessary first to use link and go through IS.MUNI system to give the necessary consent for the transfer of personal data and then return to the e-shop and enter the UCO (student id) and send it.

    status student mu status student vut

    Then the system (usually within about 10 seconds) will automatically evaluate your request, and you will see a successful pairing on the My Account tab. Once successful, online validation is renewed itself regularly and you do not have to deal with anything.

    student status online student status online

    If the automatic extension of student status fails, you will receive email 7 days prior to the student status expiration date. If you have stopped being a student, just wait for the expiration. Remaining validity of your ticket will be then shortened proportional to the difference in prices between the original reduced price and the normal base price of your ticket (by students the remaining validity will be halved). You can continue to use this modified ticket until the new end of its validity.
    If you get your student status back, the remaining validity of your ticket will be (at the beginning of the nearest day) proportionally extended again.

  • Once you have signed in to your profile, you select the section "My carriers". In this section you can add your valid Visa or Mastercard. Added card will serve as a ticket carrier.

    add a carrier

    Click the "add new ticket carrier" button.

    add a carrier 2

    You will be redirected to safe site, where you can add in the "Registration Card" window the card number and its validity. Then click on the Register button.

    register carrier

    Your card will appear in the "My carrier" overview

    register carrier 2

    More info about carriers

    Generally about new carrier

    Once you have added a new carrier, that you want to use instead of the old one, be sure to transfer any of your valid public transport ticket coupled to the old carrier to the correct new carrier (in the My Tickets section). If you have received a new card from your bank and want to use it as a carrier, you must always register it again, even if it has the same number as the previous card. They differ in the validity date, and number + validity are used in the calculation of the secured card's "token" done by card readers.

    Contactless sticker

    You can use a contactless sticker instead of a regular credit card to register. However, the whole card number is not shown on the sticker. You need to look at the plastic label which you got with this sticker (there should be written full card number) or contact your bank for help.


    You can also use the NFC chip on your mobile phone where you have your bank card added (virtualized). The NFC chip sends in reality a different number than your plastic bank card, so registration with card number and validity will not work. For correct pairing with your account, you need to visit the EOC Contact Center on the 2nd floor at Novobranská 18 and add NFC card through tokenization done by certified bank card reader.

    Anonymous bank card

    If you do not have or do not want to use your contactless bank card, you can buy an anonymous bank card, which is available at all DPMB branches for 99 CZK.

    Set an alias for your carrier

    Use the blue button to set an alias for your carrier. It makes work with carriers clearer.

    carrier alias

    Deleting of old carriers

    Use the red basket icon to delete your old carrier that you no longer use (so that you don’t add a product to it by mistake).

    delete carrier
  • The QR code is part of an email confirming payment for your ticket order. It can also be found in the eshop after signing in to your account. You can download/print it. You can find it in the "MHD" - "My Tickets" section.

    qr kod 1

    Under the QR code there are two icons. qr kod 2 The icon with the printer icon is used for fast printing. Down arrow icon to download as a file on your PC or mobile device. The QR code is downloaded in pdf format. If you do not have the possibility to print a QR code, we will be happy to assist you with the press at the EOC Contact Center.

    If the passenger uses IDS JMK to travel in zones 100 + 101 ČD trains or IDS JMK regional buses, he has to present his electronic public transport ticket in the form of a QR code in printed form or displayed on the display of an electronic device. For traveling in DPMB lines 1-99, the QR code does not replace the main ticket carrier (contactless payment bank card).

  • If you want a discounted public transport ticket immediately and you do not have a verified account with your discount category, you have the opportunity to assign the selected discount category for 5 days. When buying a ticket, use the "resolve" button and select the appropriate category for which you are eligible as in the following pictures. This claim must be verified within 5 days at any DPMB verfication place. If you do not verify your claim before this time, the ticket validity will be automatically shortened (proportionally to the difference against basic price).

    Please note that this assignment can only be done in each account once, the period runs from the date of assignment regardless of the validity of the ticket.

    temporary assign temporary assign 2
  • Everyone who is paying for waste in Brno (citizens and owners of local properties) have the opportunity to apply for a grant to the electronic yearly standard non-transferable ticket for zones 100 + 101. The contribution is CZK 1,425.

    Apply can any person who is a taxpayer of the local municipal waste tax in Brno and is not fully exempt from the payment and has no debt on municipal waste tax at the date of filing the application or on the date of the decision to grant the contribution.

    New customer

    The customer first signs up with an email address and set his password at this e-shop. Subsequently, in the "My Account" section, he / she will fill in his / her personal details and upload a photo. Then choose the ticket carrier (any contactless Visa or Mastercard payment card, or the so-called anonymous card that you purchase at DPMB for 99 CZK). You can buy then your yearly standard transpot ticket. Once you have verified your personal information (your account get "full" status), you can apply for a grant from the city of Brno as described below. All DPMB affiliates verify personal data, you just need to submit your registered carrier and ID card.

    Current customer

    Customers who already have a verified account or will undergo verification and purchase a standard non-transferable yearly ticket for zones 100 + 101 can apply for a grant immediately upon successful payment.

    Where can I find the "button" for grant application?

    After signing in / picking you choose "MHD" and "My Tickets" section, where you will see a green button by the ticket you purchased.

    subsidy button subsidy button 2

    Attention! Application for a grant is required within 60 days of ticket purchase !!!

    In the form shown, fill in the account number where you will get sent a grant of CZK 1425 from City of Brno.

    tlačítko dotace účet 2

    You can also add a possible correspondence address (if it does not match your permanent address), you agree to 5 statements and then click the "view draft contract" button.

    grant form

    After reading the contract, click the "sign and submit" button and send the request.

    grant agreement

    After sending and processing successfully, you will receive an e-mail message from the City of Brno with the grant application number. You can check status of your application also in the e-shop. Now you have a successful application.

    grant draft
  • In your customer account, you can return your non-transferable ticket, which you no longer want to use, from the comfort of your home. Just sign in to the "Public transport" part of the e-shop and use "My Tickets" link on the left. Then click on the red arrow in the "validity until" box, which redirects you to the return form.

    return button

    In this form, you enter the date to which you want to return the ticket and the CZ bank account number. You will also see a preliminary amount of returned money.

    return form

    Do not forget to confirm this action with your e-shop user account password!

  • Eshop Brno iD allows you to pay (public transport) fines online from the comfort of your home. In case you do not have an account on this site, you need to register. Enter a valid email address and choose a password. Then confirm that you are not a robot and click the register button. If you already own a Brno iD account, just log in. After logging in (sign up), select the Public transport section and the "My inspections" tab.

    pokuty 1

    Now you just need to enter the number of the fine and the date of the fine.

    pokuty 2

    In case of a successful search, the system will show you the amount to be paid and you can switch to the payment with the yellow button (fines are usually entered into the system at the end of the day when it was awarded. If your fine is from today, just wait till the evening or the next day and try it again).

    pokuty 3

    The shopping cart displays the amount to be paid (you can always pay only one fine at a time). After that, just choose the form of payment and go to pay. By successfully paying the amount in the eshop, the fine is solved.

    pokuty 4

    You can always pay the following types of fines:

    • Reduced fine of 800 CZK (+ possible fare) for a ride without a valid valid ticket. This amount can be paid (after it is registered at the end of the fine day) within the next five business days. A fine of CZK 800 can also be paid for other violations of SPP IDS JMK (food in the car, ice cream, drink, dog without a basket ...)
    • Full amount of the fine 1500, - CZK (+ possible fare) in other cases.

    If you have a verified Brno iD "full" account, you also have this payment option:

    • Fee 50, - CZK for the forgotten public transpot ticket (forgotten carrier), if you owned to the time of the fine a valid non-transferable electronic public transport ticket. This amount can be paid (after it is registered at the end of the grant day) within the next five business days. Payment of this "fee" can only be settled on the customer account to which the non-transferable ticket is bound.
  • The program is designed for e-shop customers using electronic public transport tickets and is automatically active for all customers. Maximum amount of points is limited to 50 points. The points you receive above the maximum will be automatically transferred to the contest (where you can win public transport ticket for free). You can check the status of your bonus points at any time in the Public transport module in the section "My inspections".

    bonus body 2

    How do I earn bonus points?

    You earn bonus points for successful revisions of your electronic public transport tickets. You will receive 10 bonus points (after the end of the quarter) for each quarterly period in which you have been inspected successfully at least once. Points were credited backwards for all inspections from the beginning of 2017.

    What can I use points for?

    You can use the points to reduce or fully pay a 50 CZK penalty in cases where you have failed to prove to the inspector that you have a valid electronic public transport ticket (forgotten carrier, non-functional or non-activated carrier, etc.). You can also use them in a contest, in which three winners will be drawn (about once every six months), who will receive a non-transferable yearly public transport ticket for free. Each point invested in the competition behaves as if it were one lottery in a raffle.

    Can points apply to other DPMB services and products?

    Not for now. Points cannot also be exchanged for money and cannot be used for other services and products.

    How do I pay a penalty of 50 CZK using bonus points?

    In the "My Inspections" section, after a successful search for a fine by its number and date, you will find a box in which you can enter the number of points to apply and reduce the amount paid in case of non-zero bonus points. You enter the number of bonus points you want to use and you will then pay the rest of the fine.

    bonus body 2 bonus body 2

    If you have a full 50 bonus points, you will automatically see the "Solve fee just with bonus points" button, after which the penalty will be resolved immediately.

    bonus body 2 bonus body 2
  • Account Sharing is used to allow someone to access your account, so he/she can take care of buying and paying tickets or other services offered at Brno iD. Information and other messages (for example about the upcoming ticket expiration) to the shared account are sent as a copy also at the email of the controlling account.

    How to do it? After logging into your account, select the "shared accounts" section.

    sdileni 1

    In the window that appears, enter the email of the customer to whom you want to grant access to your account and click on the button to offer sharing.

    sdileni 2

    If the target account exists in the eshop, a message will appear in the green box. With the blue "trash" icon you can delete and cancel the request at any time. If the target account does not exists, a warning will be shown and you will need to check the target account's address.

    sdileni 3

    Now you need to wait for the target user to accept your request. To accept sharing he should use a green "dart" icon or refuse sharing by using the blue "trash" icon.

    sdileni 4

    After confirmation, sharing will be set up. Use the blue "arrow" icon to switch to a shared account at any time. Use the blue "trash" icon to stop sharing.

    sdileni 5

    You can always go back from a shared account using the blue arrow on the top bar next to the listed name and email of the account you're in.

    zavisle 6

    Account sharing is one-sided. This means that the user who offers sharing will only allow other users to access own account but cannot control the other account. If you want both-way account sharing, you need to create and accept sharing offers on both accounts.

  • The system allows creation and management of dependent accounts. A typical example is that the parent sets up dependent accounts for their children (in the appropriate section of "My Account") and can then fully control these accounts. This means that you will be able to buy tickets and other products in these accounts and get an overview and information about them. As soon as the children grown up, it is possible to terminate the account's dependence via the Customer Service Center by setting own credentials for these accounts.

    How do I create a dependent account? In your account select the "Dependent Accounts" tab:

    zavisle 1

    Click the green "New dependent account" button:

    zavisle 2

    Now a field will appear before you, which will allow you to set an alias for this account. Set an account alias and click on the green "create" button:

    zavisle 3

    You now have a dependent account created. This account has a generated virtual email address, all information (confirmations, alerts, etc.) emails are automatically forwarded to the email address of the main account. Use the blue arrow icon to move to a dependent account.

    zavisle 4

    If you created this account for the purpose of buying non-transferable public transport tickets, then you must fill in the needed personal data of the dependent person (name + surname + date of birth + address) and upload the photo. You will then have access to the purchase of non-transferable tickets. Dependent account has its own shopping cart that works in the same way as by standard accounts. You can also let verify personala data of a dependent account (by proving their correctness) to obtain a verified "full" status for dependent account.

    zavisle 5

    You can always go back from a dependent account to your own account. At the top bar next to the listed name and email of the dependent account is a small blue arrow icon that you need to use.

    You can always go back from a shared account using the blue arrow on the top bar next to the zavisle 6

    You can use the above steps to create multiple dependent accounts.