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Full fare yearly tickets from 2017

In 2017 was introduced so-called Electronic Passenger Handling. Passengers are able to pay for the fare from home in this e-shop. From January 1, 2017 everyone who is paying for waste in Brno (citizens and owners of local properties) have the opportunity to apply for a grant to the full fare yearly non-transferable tickets for zones 100 + 101. A contribution of CZK 1,425 was approved by the city representatives in mid-October 2016 and has several conditions that the applicant must meet.

Amount of contribution per yearly ticket

The contribution of CZK 1,425 is 30% of the current price of the full fare yearly non-transferable transport tickets for zones 100 and 101 (full price is CZK 4,750). The applicant pays the full prize and then apply online on this website for a grant. After all conditions of the motivation program are met, the grant application will be approved and relevant contribution to the account will be transferred. The contribution applies only to tickets purchased electronically in this e-shop. The contribution must be requested within 60 days of purchase (payment) of the ticket.

Who is entitled to a contribution

Any person who is a taxpayer of the local municipal waste tax in Brno, is not fully exempt from this tax, has no debt on municipal waste tax at the date of filing the application or on the date of the decision on the approving of the contribution.

In addition, as of the end of 2020, the applicant must have fully paid for yearly waste tax by the date of approval of the grant application (which takes place approximately 1-2 weeks after its submission). Thus, if, for example, a grant application is submitted in January, it is necessary to pay (for example, on the same day or very soon after the subsidy application is submitted) the waste tax for the current year! Those who submit an application at the end of the year (from about mid-December) must then reckon with the fact that the application will not be processed until January of the following year and so they will also have to pay for the waste tax for the next year.

How to buy an electronic ticket and ask for a grant

The customer first registers in eshop. In section "My account" fills his required personal details and uploads a photo. As the first step of buing a ticket is adding a ticket carrier (any contactless credit card). Then select the type of the ticket you want and choose the form of payment. Only after purchase of full fare yearly non-transferable ticket for zones 100 and 101, it is possible to apply for a grant from the city of Brno. You can do this only after your account personal data have been verified (by personal visit or by online request).

The system is secured by banking-level technology. No one on the e-shop side has access to abusive data (card number, validity, and control code). The card number is encrypted in a code called TOKEN. Traffic inspectors use a reader to control, which does not allow to deduct any payments.

Goal of the grant contribution

According to city councilors, the contribution to the full fare yearly ticket has several functions. Passengers should be encouraged for more frequent use of public transport than car travel around the city. At the same time, the city wants to motivate citizens to properly discharge obligations, such as paying a local waste tax. The program is also intended to help increase the number of people who have permanent residence in the city, municipal budget revenues are derived from it.

The town has long been struggling with the disparity between the revenues from the shared taxes that are supplied to Brno according to the number of inhabitants with permanent residence and the budget costs of providing the services that the city provides to all. These include, for example, a public transport network, road maintenance, the operation of large theaters or a number of sports grounds, and many others. According to sociological analyzes, the number of people in Brno exceeds the number of people with permanent residence by at least 25 thousand.