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Poll about the way of use of city property on Kraví hora

Results of the poll about the way of use of city property on Kraví hora

The poll was initiated by the city of Brno and its goal was to answer a question related to the location on Kraví hora. Specifically about possible expansion of the park in the northeast direction at the expense of the area of the former barracks. The site has approximately 7.5 thousand m² and is now home to small traders and companies. However, according to the prepared technical assessment, the condition of the buildings is no longer satisfactory and their fundamental reconstruction or demolition is necessary.

Voting was available only for older than 18 years with a permanent residence in Brno. Voting took place from 1 September to 30 September 2022, online via a full Brno iD accounts.

I am in favor of expanding the park to the public.


On Kraví hora, there is an opportunity to expand the popular park where the city´s residents spend their free time. Now the area with the barracks is fenced off and serves a narrow group of users. The observatory, which was entrusted with the administration of the territory, has already prepared a project that transforms the entire territory and incorporates it into the existing park. There will be new green areas for passive and active rest. In the future, a small lookout tower or refreshments area can be considered.

There were 835 votes for expansion of the park.

I am in favor of maintaining the current property use of the site.


Local artists and tenants stand behind the existing use of the objects for experimental creation and culture. They mark the place as specific and valuable thanks to the functioning community of musicians, artists and creatives. They perceive the location as their unique refuge, which is already occasionally opened to the public with diverse cultural events. They want to further strengthen these activities and cultivate the locality in the future.

There were 721 votes for for current property use.

Prefab structures made of plasterboard were created on Kraví hora during World War II for the needs of the Wehrmacht. From the 1950s, they became one of the centers of the "communist" military department, which until 1989 all Brno university students passed through. Since the Velvet Revolution, buildings have been rented out as warehouses, rehearsal rooms or even art workshops.

Today, out of about twenty houses, five are owned by the Statutory city of Brno. This is only a small part of the entire area, which otherwise belongs to the University of Technology in Brno.

Their technical condition prompted the city to plan to demolish the buildings. The survey confirmed unsatisfactory conditions, asbestos was even found in the structures, which does not allow the objects to be left in their current state. Due to their considerable age, the buildings are also very energy-intensive, with outdated and inadequate electrical installations and other distribution systems.

There were 1556 votes in total.