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Poll aboat boat name

The Dallas ship, under its original name Moscow, was completed and put into operation in 1955. In 1992, it was renamed Dallas in honor of the new twinning city. It was in regular operation until the end of the 2011 sailing season. In 2012 the boat was declared a state cultural monument by the Czech Ministry of Culture. The reconstructed vessel is being put into operation in cooperation with the State Navigation Administration and the National Heritage Institute, and according to the course of the reconstruction, the ship will be added to the existing fleet during the holiday months of 2020. to which you can also comment. An integral part of the preparations for the re-launch of the Dallas (Moscow) is its appropriate new name, which you can vote for.

You can also vote in person at the branches of the Jiří Mahen Library and the branches of TIC Brno. It is necessary to present a valid identity card.

The Brno city council decided about to carry out the poll.

Voting on the boat name is available only to users with a verified Brno iD full account older than 15 years with a permanent residence in Brno.

What do you think should be the name of this newly reconstructed ship? You can choose from the following options:


Proposed in view of the tradition of naming ships in twin towns as the closest twin town whose name none of the ships operated bears. The Bratislava ship sailed on the dam between 1956-2010 and in 2011 it was transported to Jundrov and is part of the "U Hrocha" complex.

After login, you will find here the button to choose the name Bratislava


The boat named Morava, together with its sister ship Brno, started shipping on the Brno Dam in 1946. It lasted until 1961, when it was sold to the Vranov Dam and operated here between 1962 and 1981, after which it was gradually scrapped. Today there are 5 ships from years 2010 - 2012 with names according to partner cities and one historical named Brno (built in 1949 and operated under the name of Úderník). It is now an attempt to return the legacy of one of the first two ships to the Brno Dam.

After login, you will find here the button to choose the name Moravia


The original name this ship received during ceremony in 1955, a twin city with which direct contacts were established in 2006 due to the direct airline Brno-Moscow. Since 2014 there has been no contact between Brno and Moscow.

After login, you will find here the button to choose the name Moscow

The vote ends on 30 April 2020