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Submission „Declaration of the legal guardian of minors for the purpose of exemption of child from waste tax obligation (third and other minor child in the family)”

In accordance with Section 14a (3) of Act No. 565/1990 Coll., On Local Fees, as amended, in conjunction with the generally binding Decree of the Statutory City of Brno on Local fee for the operation of the system for collecting, transporting, sorting, utilizing and disposing of municipal waste, hereby comply with my statutory reporting obligation and notify the tax administrator of the data required to exempt the child from waste tax obligation for more siblings living in a common household.

If you submit this declaration after the due date for waste tax, it will not be taken into account, as entitlement to the exemption must be substantiated by the due date at the latest.

Legal guardian data

Dependent children

I declare that I meet all the conditions listed under numbers 1-4 at the same time:

1. I am the legal guardian of all the minor children below
2. among these children is a sibling relationship
3. the children in question live in a common household
4. the children are depenent

Please provide data below of all children who meet the above claims under numbers 1-4 (so even dependent adult children, not only those who are exempt from the tax).

These personal data are only intended for the municipal waste tax administrator.

A copy will be sent to email given above.