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Why Brno iD

Join people who are doing their things online. From one single Brno electronic account, you can handle more and more city services from home.

Logo Brno iD Brno iD basic

You can get it just by registration with your e-mail.

You can use then these services:

  • Public transport – transferable tickets and full-fare non-transferable tickets for a short period of time
  • Waste - fill in the form and pay for any number of people
  • Tourism - full access

Logo Brno iD Brno iD full

You get this version if you undergo one-time verification of your personal data at one of our verification places.

You can use then these services:

  • Public transport - you will be able to use non-transferable tickets for an unlimited period of time
  • Waste - the form automatically fills in most of the needed data
  • Tourism - full access
  • to apply for specials like christmas gift or easter gift