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STAREZ – SPORT, a. s. tickets

Here you can purchase tickets to the facilities of STAREZ – SPORT, a. s.

Purchasing ticket to Lužánky pools online

Below you can find some of the products offered for Lužány pools. For info about full range of offered services available in-person at the facility, you can visit website of Lužány pools.

Tickets are valid for one entry for: 1 year from purchase

Choose type(s) and amount of tickets you want to buy:

Lužánky pool, entry 1,5 hours (6:00–14:00)

Lužánky pool, entry 1,5 hours (14:00–21:30)

Lužánky wellness, entry 2 hours (14:00-21:30)

Lužánky wellness, unlimited time (14:00-21:30)

By purchasing these tickets you agree to the terms of service.
Upon entering the facility, the visitor can be randomly checked whether he is entitled to a discounted entrance fee in case of using it. Information about opening hours, facilities and visitor rules can be found here