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Basic information about the sport module

In the sport module you can currently buy sport products of STAREZ - SPORT company and organization Kraví hora.

Available products and services of organization Kraví hora, p.o.

You can buy tickets for the Kraví hora swimming pool online, both for the indoor pool and during the summer season for the outdoor pool also. You can also buy tickets for the Moravák ice rink during the winter season. And you can buy universal gift vouchers for the services of the Kraví hora organization, which can be used for payment at the ticket offices of the Kraví hora sports venues.

Contact for Kraví hora organization
Sportovní a rekreační areál Kraví hora, p.o.
Dominikánská 2, 601 69 Brno
Tel.: +420 543 216 434 (ticket office info)

Available products and services of company STAREZ - SPORT, a.s.

You can buy tickets online for swimming pool Rivéra and swimming pool Zábrdovice. You can get gift vouchers for STAREZ - SPORT services, which can be subsequently used for payment at all the cash desks of this company. You can connect your chip wristband to your Brno iD account and be able to monitor the credit status of your chip wristband and have the opportunity to recharge this credit online at any time. And you can also purchase a new chip wristband with a selected amount of default credit.

Chip wristband

Want to make life easier? Get our chip wristband. You save both time and money. You can find the general terms and conditions for the purchase of chip wristband here .

Main benefits of chip wristband

  • Chip wristband works on all sports venues: Kohoutovice Aquapark, Lužánky Municipal Swimming Stadium, Swimming, Cascade Pool Riviera, Spa and Relaxation Center Rašínova, Swimming Pool Zábrdovice, Swimming Pool Ponávka, Mobile Skating Rink Lužánky
  • If you buy a new chip wristband or recharge credit in this module, you get a 20% discount on the admission (discounts are not added, so you can not use other discounts such as Family or Senior passports)
  • Sports facilities and services that can be used for chip watches: swimming pool, whirlpool, water slide, sauna, gym, solarium, refreshments and ice skating
  • Chip wristband are transferable

Types of chip wristband

You can buy standard chip wristband (blue type).

Terms of chip wristband

  • Upon purchase, you will pay a refundable deposit of CZK 200 per chip wristband and an optional amount of default credit
  • Chip wristband are valid for 2 years from the last use in the sport venues
  • You can pick up the chip wristband purchased online on some sport facilities (current facilities you will see at purchase site).

Description of the service

  • You can anytime recharge credit on chip wristband in this module (you need to know number of chip or login and password to user account by STAREZ-SPORT connected to the chip wristband)
  • If the watch keeper has enough credit, he/she does not have to stay at the cash desk when leaving and goes straight through the turnstile
  • If he does not have enough credit, he/she visits a cash desk, makes a payment or recharges the wristband and then goes over the turnstile

Acquisition per invoice

When purchasing through eshop, you will only receive a simplified payment confirmation issued on behalf of the e-shop operator DPMB, a.s. If you need to purchase a chip wristband with the help of payment and invoice delivery, then such form is only possible with direct sales at STAREZ - SPORT, a.s. If you want to pay in cash, you can buy the services offered at all STAREZ - SPORT, a.s. venues.

General contact with STAREZ - SPORT, a.s.
Křídlovická 911/34, 603 00 Brno
Tel.: +420 533 033 830