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Module connecting system of the Jiří Mahen Library

This e-shop module allows you to connect your existing library account in the Jiří Mahen Library. For the possibility of such connection it is necessary to have a fully verified Brno iD FULL account.

  • Connection of a Jiří Mahen Library readers account will allow you to:
    • to see anytime your credit balance in Jiří Mahen Library and recharge this credit online at any time
    • to see anytime status of your library debts (for sanctions, fees and penalties) related to your library account and pay those debts online at any time
    • to see anytime the expiration date of your running library reader registration, and you will be able to prolong this registration at any time or renew it
    • you will be able to transfer your personal data online into the library system, thus editing or updating your library reader data online

From September 16, 2019, this module will also allow you to create online a completely new library reader account at the Jiří Mahen Library if you do not already have one. And as your library card, you will be (from 16. 9. 2019) able to use any of your eshop carriers (that is for example the bank card on which you have your public transport ticket).