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Paying a local municipal waste tax in Brno using this e-shop

The possibility to pay a local waste tax is a newly introduced fourth way how this tax can be paid. All three other existing methods remain (normal non-cash transfer, cash payment at the office and payment by postal money order).

  • Benefits of paying a local waste tax through this e-shop:
    • Your account user details will be pre-filled in the appropriate form fields
    • You can easily enter personal data for multiple taxpayers and then pay with just one payment
    • The form helps you and checks validity of some entered values (for example alerts you to a possible typo in your native number)
    • You can add dates (by using mini-calendar) and form correctly calculates the proportional parts of the annual waste tax
    • If there will be a problem (at the municipality waste evidence system) with processing your payment, the additional personal data from the form will usually help to solve it
    • After your payment is processed in the municipality waste evidence system (at the Department of the Environment), you will receive (within a maximum of 14 days) feedback per email on whether your payment has been processed correctly
  • What is this method not suitable and intended:
    • If you have to pay a waste tax penalty using a specific symbol assigned to you, use a different payment method because the form does not contain entry for this symbol (this would involve an extremely small number of users, and such an item could lead to mistakes by standard payments)