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Here you can buy electronic boat tickets for Brno dam. You can choose any combination of the starting and destination stations in single, return or family version. First, choose whether your ticket carrier will be a contacless bank card (which you for example use as carrier for your public transport ticket) or if you want the ticket in the form of a PDF voucher with a QR code (send to your email after purchase). Then you will see a selection of ticket types and according to the selected stops their ticket prices. The ticket will be valid upon successful completion of the payment until use or end of current boat season.

After boarding the boat you have to get the ticket registered by the boatman, otherwise you could be fined (as with an unmarked public transport ticket). A boat ticket is not issued for a specific person. For a discounted version of the ticket, it is necessary to prove entitlement to a discount when boarding the ship (for example with yearly public transport ticket for zones 100 + 101).

Sailing season on Brno dam starts 20. 4. 2024 and ends around 27. 10. 2024. You can find appropriate part of IDS JMK Tariff here and conditions here. Seasonal sail timetable you can download by clicking here , or you can search current boat trips on this site .

The electronic boat ticket does not support the purchase of specific seats on the boat.

In the case of a return ticket, it is necessary to make the second trip on the same day as the ticket for the first trip was used.

In order to prove ownership of a boat ticket, it is necessary to carry the carrier or the PDF voucher to which the relevant product is attached throughout the boat journey. A ticket which has not been electronically read and tagged at boarding by the boatmen, cannot be used as a valid travel document.

Multiple boat tickets can be purchased for one carrier, which can then be used for more than one person. If you only want to use the tickets on one carrier in part and leave the rest for your next trip, you need to inform the boatmen and say which tickets you do not want to use.

1. Choose the form of the boat ticket

Should the ticket be tied to a standard ticket carrier (contactless bank card in any form) or do you want a PDF voucher with QR code? (boat tickets purchased as one order will all be part of one voucher)
By purchasing boat tickets, you have read and agree to the terms of use of the service.
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