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Tourist card BRNOPAS

The BRNOPAS tourist card will take you through the city, select the most interesting places and provide you with pleasant discounts and free admission.

Just choose a variant from one to three days and choose the start validity. After payment, you will receive a QR code to your email address. You will prove yourself with a QR code when entering the participating institutions and you will receive free entry or a advantageous discount. You can print the QR code or just show it on your mobile device.

  • BRNOPAS for 1 day (QR) for 330 CZK
  • BRNOPAS for 2 days (QR) for 450 CZK
  • BRNOPAS for 3 days (QR) for 560 CZK
  • Children's* BRNOPAS for 1 day (QR) for 220 CZK
  • Children's* BRNOPAS for 2 days (QR) for 330 CZK
  • Children's* BRNOPAS for 3 days (QR) for 400 CZK

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