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Gift voucher for public transport ticket

This product does not serve as a ticket!

Here you can buy a gift voucher for public transport ticket. You will first choose the validity and then the type of the ticket, according to which the price of the voucher is derived. Anyone can then use a valid voucher to pay for the public transport ticket in their account and shopping cart. The voucher will have a form of a PDF file after, that will be sent after your payment to your email and can also be downloaded at any time in the 'My Payments' section of the public transport module.

All gift vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase, during this period the voucher can be used to pay for selected public transport ticket.

The voucher can be used to pay for a public transport ticket that has the same price as the voucher (for example, a voucher for youth 15-18 years of age can be used also for students 18-26 years of age because they have the same prices in zones 100+101).

To use the voucher, it is necessary to have only one public transport ticket in the shopping cart. Then the 'Pay with gift voucher' option will appear under the cart in the payment method selection, where you can enter the text code from the voucher.

The voucher cannot be returned. Only if the price of the target ticket for which the voucher was originally issued would differ because of IDS JMK tariff changes and so the voucher became unusable, can the voucher be returned by the following link (if he is not expired). If you need to return bought EOC voucher (that is not valid anymore because of tariff price changes), you can do it here.

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