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The basic principles and examples of the solutions being prepared for electronic passenger check-in
 Public city transport in Brno within the IDS JMK

The Brno City Transport Company and the City of Brno are preparing for the implementation of a electronic passenger check-in system (EPC) for improving the quality and attractiveness of public city transport.

It was decided that contactless bank cards will be used in Brno for passenger check-in.

The benefits of using bank cards for passenger check-in in public transport

  • Benefits for passengers:
    • They can use a bank card that they already have
    • They do not have to stand in queues for tickets and coupons or deal with season tickets
    • They save time during the check-in in the vehicle and when waiting at the station
    • They do not have to keep an eye on the status of their electronic wallet
    • They can take advantage of the new tariffs, discounts and special offers
    • They can purchase season tickets online with immediate effect
    • They can check their routes on the Web, or on their tablet or mobile phone
  • Carriers, regions and public transport commissioners
    • They can provide citizens with a modern and comfortable service
    • They do not have to issue and operate their own cards or register passengers
    • They do not have to install and operate a network of charging and discharging points for transport wallets
    • They can quickly implement new tariffs and discounts
    • They save time during check-in and thus save operating costs
    • They transfer the personal data management to banks
    • They can avoid private, closed solutions and simplify the implementation of public contracts
    • They allow the development of integrated transport systems
    • They can leave the responsibility for the tariff to the organizers.

The basic system requirements:

  1. The acceptance of all bank cards of both associations (Visa and MasterCard), regardless of the issuing bank
  2. Open solution - the system will allow you to change the recipient of association card transactions (acquirer) with no additional cost
  3. The system will be compatible with the check-in systems of other carriers in the IDS JMK
  4. The system will allow the clearing and settling of transactions
  5. The system will enable the use of non-transport functions (parking, access to theatres and libraries, ...)
  6. The system will function as a season ticket, including discount categories
  7. In the case of a one-time fare, the system will allow the use of a tariff with a fixed fare, zonal fare, season fare and combinations of the preceding fares
  8. The system will include a central facility (back-office), which will process the information on rides, convert it to transaction data and provide information to users
  9. The system will enable the use of fare optimization within the time parameters and settings of incentive and discount models
  10. The system will be compatible with the existing ticketing systems (SMS tickets, mobile applications and paper tickets).

Season tickets - launching the first stage on January 1, 2017

The season ticket solution is a top priority, because the majority of passengers use them (75-80% in Brno), whereby a large portion of them are residents.

The bank card serves only as a passenger identifier in the system. It does not bear information on what kind of ticket the passenger has. This data will be stored in a central database and periodically synchronized with the card readers of the control staff. During the check-in, the passenger presents the card, the device searches for information in the encrypted database on what kind of ticket is issued with the given card, and if necessary, it displays a photograph of the traveller for the purpose of protection against misuse. The data will be encrypted, so the operator will see only the details of the given passenger. The range of data will be the same as it is now with paper tickets. This solution will allow further extension in the future - e.g. in the form of bank cards in mobile phones or in other applications.

The primary advantage of bank cards is the fact that they radically simplify card management. It is not necessary to deal with card blacklisting, encryption and the actual issuance of cards. There are considerable savings both for passengers and commissioners. All season ticket management remains under the control of carriers. In case of loss or theft, passengers only have to register their new card, and their previous card is blocked. If necessary, it will be possible to change the encryption at any time, which significantly increases the overall security of the system.

Season tickets as tickets in mobile applications (e.g. in the SEJF application) can exist in parallel with tickets issued for bank cards. The advantage of this technology is the ability of virtually immediate implementation without significant costs and the readiness of all carriers in the system for its acceptance.

From a technical point of view, the following solution has been chosen:

  • A newly built e-shop, a unified database of customers and cards, and a back-office which will process and synchronize data
  • at DPMB, the existing sales system will be complemented with features allowing the use of bank cards
  • the transport control staff will be equipped with card readers with software for checking data.

Single-use tickets - preparation and launch propably next year

In Brno, about 20 to 25% of passengers check in with single-use tickets (approximately 40% of passengers in the region). These values are likely to remain the same in the future, or perhaps they will even decrease in the region. A large portion of passengers in Brno already uses electronic ticketing options (SMS and SEJF) - almost 20% of all single-use tickets. At the same time, there will always be a high proportion of those who are not willing or not able to use electronic fares (e.g. foreign tourists and one-time visitors). When deciding on a new passenger check-in method in Brno with single-use tickets, it is therefore necessary to consider the fact that about 10% of all passengers will use this check-in method.

The introduction of the option to pay with a contactless bank card appears to be an effective solution that significantly simplifies the payment of one-time fares for one-time visitors and foreign tourists (i.e. those who have the biggest problems with buying tickets). It gives them the option to purchase tickets without searching for sales booth or dealing with ticket vending machines.

For residents and experienced travelers, it is more interesting to use the SMS tickets that already exist or electronic tickets from the SEJF application. Although the cancellation of single-use paper tickets does not exclude this technical solution, we recommend that they be preserved at least for a certain period until their sales volume falls below the set critical limit.

From a technical point of view, there is the following solution for the sale of single-use tickets:

Equip every DPMB vehicle with one terminal which allows the Equip every DPMB vehicle with one terminal which allows the sale of a complete range of single-use tickets and the other doors with a simple terminal without a display and with a bank card reader, which allows the use of so-called

Flexible fare Check-in / check-out

  • Passengers apply the card when boarding and alighting individual segments
  • Fast and intuitive way to check-in, the passenger does not need to be familiar with it
  • There is no need to communicate with the driver or choose a device
  • Passengers with season tickets travel in the way they are used to travelling

Flexible fare with individual tickets

  • Passengers choose the fare when boarding
  • They communicate with the driver or select the ticket on the device
  • The ticket is assigned to the card electronically
  • Passengers with season tickets travel in the way they are used to travelling


  • The individual routes are check-in / check-out, but passengers have the option to choose other tickets
  • Advantages of check-in / check-out for rapid boarding and alighting
  • Advantages of check-in / check-out for intuitive check-in - passengers do not need to know the tariff
  • Advantages of individual tickets for the option to buy additional tickets for travel companions
  • Advantages of individual tickets for the checking in families and groups

The system will include a back-office that manages individual devices, aggregates payment data and transmits the data to a central payments registry for further processing.

Payment via a pre-filled payment order (bank button)

  • After sending the order, customers can use the GoPay payment gateway servich, which will redirect them to internet banking or to a secure site for credit card payment. After the completion of the transaction, the gateway transmits the payment information to the e-shop, which can dispatch the goods immediately after receiving the confirmation of payment.
  • Sensitive input data that you enter into the internet banking system is protected by the payment gateways of the banks, and it does not get into the environment of third parties. The payment processors can see only the transaction information that is given to them by the bank along with the sent transaction.
  • By concluding the purchase contract, the buyer gives the seller his/her consent to process his/her contact information until he/she provides a written statement of disagreement with the processing thereof. The contact information that the buyer provides when placing an order is for our use only and will not be disclosed to other parties, except for the payment processors.